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#Charter Incentives , to be in air !

Incentive travel or group travel for corporate are unparalleled experiences to the teams and participants of the company. Group travel primary aims to enhance the productivity within teams for a common goal of the organisation .Incentive group travel can be luxurious and high-end, or it can be adventurous and authentic. there are endless destinations offering unique experiences to fit almost any budget, and with all programmes being completely tailor-made and adapted to suit your company’s needs.

Feature an Charter aircraft and that's a sure value add for a big group travel to a destination of choice. To get above the value chain and to offer a solution for all team to travel with ease and in one go - Aircraft Charter is in.

Having said that, it is still not an easy task to hire and fly an aircraft for a group travel. A lot of back and forth with brainstorming is required to be offered to stakeholders while negotiating the terms for an aircraft charter. Chartering requires certain information which needs to be clarified in terms of advantages and disadvantages to customer at the start.Some of the biggest advantages for chartering an aircraft is Travelling Together as one , areas which may have limited or no flight options can be approached too as destinations . It gives a feel of WOW to participants that an organization has made an effort for them as exclusive plane for travel. Customised menu in flight and time of departure and dates can be customised as per the schedule of the organisation. Many at times, the corporate do not want to travel due to high season for them and not ready to take advantage of low season of the destination. Nonetheless, they get an advantage of lean dates if they plan of charter flights. Other advantages of utilising all seats in charter saves an overall cost for the company. Not to miss the advantage of branding, announcements and glimpse of photo ops with crew and cockpit may be arranged for the kids on board.

With the ying , comes the yang too, the charter flights are solely dependent on the availability of aircraft of that size available to cater the needs of a customer, aircrafts may come in capacity of 150 plus to 300 seats available to charter with in India and for outbound operations . The place of origin depends on getting permit for landing the size of the aircraft along with immigration facility at that airport too. One of the biggest challenges in flight operations is the entertainment system compared to commercial flights which have a lots to offer. Looking at the option of Netflix and Amazon like apps these can be countered too to help passengers get the entertainment on board for a flight.

Challenges like landing permits and time slots become the most important factor while choosing the charter flights. DGCA grants the same with ease if the paperwork is completed and well organised.

Some of the factors which may be challenging to operate on are- airport operations which can be outsourced to companies like Celebi, who are well accustomed to handle any type of charter ops from passenger handling to ramp handling for airline. Meals can be customised as per choices of your participants and gives again a personal touch with service of liquor on board for the guests.

Indeed an upcoming experience with corporates to let team fly together . It is not limited only to corporates, but special interest groups and weddings can avail the facility of charter operations as well. A growing market which is having an exclusivity benefit for the stakeholders.