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Conference Management - Financial Accounting

A meeting or conference is always attached to a budget. Every aspect of meeting is planned along with budgets and accounts which are provisioned for that particular event. Our finance and team of experts will help your event in following assistance in Financial accounting.

  • Event account opening and registration for PAN number and statuary compliance for eg.TAN etc will be assisted by our legal and finance department.
  • Society registrations formats, signatories, stamp paper documents etc are all drafted on behalf of Organizing Committee (OC)
  • A progressive accounts and budgets for vent is shared with organizing committee on monthly basis.
  • Closer to event a near approximate estimates are shared and discussed to generate funds if required.
  • Maintenance of P and L accounts for conference /event is done by accounts team if required.
  • MIS from online registration and bank details are reconciled for tally purpose.
  • Necessary deduction of taxes and submission of same by our finance team
  • Timely audit by Carted Accountants is advised by our accounts after successful completion of any event.


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