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Our Services

Conference Management - Registration Management

With the help of conference management software our efficient staff will be there on site registration as well as pre conference.

  • Host and operate the conference secretariat for registration and all inquiries, with dedicated phone and email
  • Design and produce a fax back conference registration form
  • Develop and produce online registration with secure payment portal
  • Manage and administer provision of visa assistance and travel arrangement
  • Receive and process registration and payments securely online by mail or fax
  • Administer hotel accommodation booking through the registration process
  • Register participants for social, tourism and partners program
  • Prepare and send confirmation
  • All registration types; Alumni, analyst, employee, exhibitor, guest, partner, presenter, press, Sponsor, staff, tutorial, VIP registration and more.
  • Provision for old fashioned offline registration form
  • Provision for online registration form with dedicated payment gateway
  • Badge design, procurement and printing.
  • Individual attendee communication
  • Onsite registration management.
  • Pre registration support.
  • Substitution and cancelations.
  • Facilitate Registration at various other events ,venues and gatherings for gaining max participation
  • Support for RUN IN KIOSKS for self registration on site.
  • Onsite registration with help of LAN based Bar Coding, Alphabetical registration Number wise, Department wise, Category, Institute etc.


  • IATA
  • MPI
  • WATA
  • MECO
  • I-Meet
  • NIMA
  • SITE