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India is bigger than life: a population that exceeds a billion, more than a million square miles of land and 23 official languages. But one common thread runs through it - India floods your senses from every direction. It offers a different aspect of her personality - exotic, extravagant, elegant, eclectic - to each traveler to the country. Here, we aim to help you choose that particular experience which will shape your vision of the country

Anywhere you go, discover an energetic mélange of culture, aroma and flavor. Delhi is a city of fascinating contrasts, with remnants of the 12th to the 19th centuries lingering in Old Delhi and modern architecture and bustle in New Delhi. Agra is home to the majestic Taj Mahal, a must view it at sunrise and sunset, when the colors reflecting on its surface are at their most brilliant. To the south, Udaipur sits serenely on the shores of Lake Pichola, where a private cruise offers postcard-worthy vistas at every turn. Stop to visit the Maharana's Crystal Gallery, opened expressly for you.

Mumbai, formerly known as the fabled Bombay, has a lovely harbor, marked by the Gateway of India, an 85-foot-high arch. Take a private boat ride from Mumbai Harbour to visit the rock-cut cave temples on Elephanta Island, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Back on land, glimpse everyday life at the Dhobi Ghat outdoor laundry and visit Mani Bhawan, a museum dedicated to the life of Mahatma Gandhi.

From the beaches of sun-soaked Goa to the frenetic bazaars of Mumbai, India offers wealth of vastly different, yet equally enthralling, experiences. Watch traditional Indian dance in Kochi, or buy brilliantly-colored silk saris at a market in Varanasi. No matter how much you travel in India, you'll always find more to discover in this vibrant, fascinating country.

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