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Exhibitions and Sponsorships

Our team has worked with partners in many industry exhibitions with various small or big budgets. We have arranged and supervised floor areas ranging from 500 to 4000 Sq meters. Working with close proximity with venue and banquet managers, here's how we will help your meet and exceed your targets:

  • Identify all potential supporters in consultation with you, reaching out to new contacts and revitalising existing ones with fresh ideas.
  • Contact those potential supporters with just the right balance of politeness and persistence.
  • Present varying levels of sponsorship, offering a wide range of opportunities with the flexibility to reward your key sponsors while also attracting new companies who may be supporting your event for the first time.
  • Work in partnership with industry to create an integrated event with real substance, not just a commercial opportunity for them.
  • Design the conference layout to create a central hub area - including registration, posters, internet area, and refreshments - to ensure a steady flow of delegates around the exhibition.
  • Exhibitor Manual preparation.
  • Online booking and reservation of Stall and booth area.
  • Customization and development of standalone booths as per marketing requirement of a Brand.
  • Legal and permissions from Nodal Authorities.
  • Special permission for equipment of large volume and medical equipments on display.
  • On site electricity requirement on floor.
  • Layout management in such manner to have maximum footfall at exhibition areas.


  • IATA
  • MPI
  • WATA
  • MECO
  • I-Meet
  • NIMA
  • SITE