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Green Conferences

You need to plan well ahead for your conference to have minimum impact on the environment, and we predict that demonstrating your conference is sustainable is going to become increasingly important in winning bids, attracting sponsors and pleasing delegates.

Being 'green' is no longer an afterthought.

iCON Planners know all the strategies to make your event is as sustainable as possible. Here's a range of approaches to consider:

Online & Digital

Presenting information electronically and digitally. This includes a comprehensive website, email updates, online registration and, for academic conferences, online submission and review of abstracts and a book of abstracts on USB memory stick or CD-ROM.


Selecting a venue that's easy to access by public transport with accommodation within walking distance. Where this is not possible, co-ordinating transport to and from the venue and social events by local carriers and encouraging delegates to make full use of rail and bus with a low cost, delegate Travel Pass whenever available.

Be Good on Paper

Ensuring all paper products used at the event are environmentally sound, and if information needs to be printed, it is printed double sided.


Traditional conference catering can be a major source of waste. Simple changes can make a big difference, such as using tableware, napkins, crockery, cutlery and glasses that are reusable not disposable. We can even organise composting of leftovers.


Offer delegates the opportunity to separate their waste at the conference with clearly marked bins, and give people a place, and a prompt, to return plastic name badges for re-use.


A central concept in a sustainable conference is letting everyone know what you are attempting and asking them to join the cause. We'll help you present delegates, sponsors and speakers with your plans for making your event 'green' so they know how to do their bit.


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